JX Ovulation Calendar

JX Ovulation Calendar

JX Ovulation Calendar shows the best days to conceive or to avoid pregnancy
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JX Ovulation Calendar is a wonderful application for women, that allows them to see which are the best days to conceive a baby or to avoid pregnancy. The program has a nice and very intuitive user interface with clear legends, which indicate the different events of the menstrual cycle. First you should select your goal: whether you want to avoid pregnancy, or conceive a boy or a girl, or any gender. Then you should set the last menstrual cycle’s parameters, such as start day, cycle length, Luteal phase, and menstrual days. The program also provides important information on any day of the cycle. That information depends on the goal you have selected. If you wish to conceive a baby, the program will tell you the approximate baby’s birthday and the zodiac sign of the future baby. The program supports multiple users and it is available in three languages. It also includes a comprehensive note manager, where users can take their own notes and set reminders for certain events. It can also show your menstrual cycles history with statistics, charts and important information about them. Unfortunately, there’s no option available to print it. But the calendar for every month can be previewed and printed to have it always at hand wherever you go.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and very intuitive user interface.
  • Comprehensive notes manager.
  • Reminders.
  • Clear legends with important information on every day of the cycle.
  • Great print previewer


  • No printing option for the history
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